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Classes and Programs


Infant and Toddler
We provide safe and loving care to children from the newborn stages to 24months old.  All infants and toddlers go home with a detailed report of their meals, naps, and achievements for the day.

Advanced Early Education
Children aged 2 to 3 years old learn about a different shape, color, number, and letter each week, as well as a bible verse each month.  Every day we teach about a different concept (like science, animal, holiday, character, and more).

Children aged 4 to 5 years old continue to learn more about the concepts they’ve learned in earlier classes.  Pre-K students are preparing to enter Kindergarten with us at Little Lites, or at a different school.  They’ll learn everything that is required to enter Kindergarten, like writing and counting, the foundations of phonics, how to hold pencils and scissors, as well as how to follow classroom expectations, and much more.

Our Kindergarten program has proven to set children up for great success academically as well as with personal growth.  Our teachers deliver high quality lesson plans, and promote academic excellence.  Read more about our Kindergarten program below…

Elementary School Breaks and Camps
We provide continued care during most Washoe County School District breaks.  We offer elementary aged camps for spring, fall, and winter breaks, and also a summer camp!

Events and Programs

Families can connect with us on Facebook and Instagram to get the most current updates on classroom and school events!

  • Holiday Classroom Parties
  • Water Splash Days
  • Dress-up Spirit Weeks
  • Picnics With Families
  • Trunk-or-Treat
  • Christmas Concert
  • Police and Firefighter Visits
  • Pre-K Promotion Ceremony
  • Kindergarten Graduation
    …..and much more!

Live Music
Worship Arts Pastors from Hillside Foursquare Church play live worship music for our students four days a week!

We partner with Soccer Shots to offer an engaging children’s soccer program with a focus on character development.
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We partner with Buddy The Ball to introduce children to the game of tennis, and create a pathway for players who want to continue with the sport.
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